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What We Offer


Seating will be round tables that will accommodate 8 to 10 people. Head tables and gift tables can be provided. Diagrams with numbered tables are available for ease when assigning seating.


We offer a wide variety of table linens with a variety of colors to choose from – at no extra charge. Assorted style are available at a nominal fee.

Party Consulting:

At no additional charge to our customers, we offer a referral list of names and phone numbers of the companies we recommend to help make your event a complete success. We will call and set up appointments for you at your convenience to meet these individuals in our conference room or their showroom.


Galdo’s offers several professional house Disc Jockeys. The cost of Galdo’s house DJs is $475 for a four hour event and $575 for a five hour event / $600 Wedding Reception. If an outside DJ is used for an event, there will be a $50 charge to the person hosting the event that will be added to the final payment. Galdo’s also offer their house DJ equipment for use at the cost of $100 for any outside DJ.


Galdo’s has unlimited, safe, off-street parking on our grounds, our security staff will monitor the parking grounds during your entire event.

Food & Beverage Guarantee:

Your final number of guest must be specified 5 business days prior to your event. This will be your minimum guarantee, not subject to reduction and for which you will be charged. Guarantee minimums are as follows: Friday evening 75 Adults – Saturday Afternoon 50 Adults – Saturday Evening 100 Adults – Sundays 60 Adults – to book entire facility minimum 200 adults.


A non-refundable / non-transferrable deposit will be required in order to confirm the room for your event. If you are booking one room a deposit of $300 is required; booking both rooms will require a $500 deposit. If your event is a wedding, then you must have $1000 on your account within 30 days from the time of booking. The final balance for all events is due 5 business days prior to your event.